Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Summarizing the 6 Marks of Regeneration

I know there is a vast difference in the depth and distinctness of these marks among those who are Regenerate. In some people they are faint, dim, feeble, and hardly to be discerned. You almost need a microscope to make them out. In others they are bold, sharp, clear, plain, and unmistakable, so that he who runs may read them.
Some of these marks are more visible in some people, and others are more visible in others. It seldom happens that all are equally manifest in one and the same soul. All this I am quite ready to allow.
But still, after every allowance, here we find boldly painted the six marks of being born of God. Here are certain positive things laid down by John, as parts of the Regenerate man’s character, as plainly and distinctly as the features of a man’s face. Here is an inspired Apostle writing one of the last general Epistles to the Church of Christ, telling us that a man born of God—
  • does not commit sin;
  • believes that Jesus is the Christ;
  • does righteousness;
  • loves the brethren;
  • overcomes the world;
  • and keeps himself.

Reader, if you have NOT these marks…

Awake to a sense of your danger. Arise from your sleep of indifference and unconcern. Know the immense peril of hell and eternal misery in which you stand. Begin to use diligently every means by which God is ordinarily pleased to give grace to men’s hearts, when they have not received it in their youth. Be diligent in hearing the Gospel preached. Be diligent in reading the Bible. Be diligent, above all, in prayer to the Lord Jesus Christ for the gift of the Holy Spirit.
If you take this course, I have every hope for you. None ever sought the Lord Jesus Christ in simplicity and sincerity—and sought in vain.
If, on the contrary, you refuse to take this course, and will continue as you are, I have little hope for you, and many fears. If the Bible be true, you are not yet born again. You will not use the most likely means to obtain this mighty blessing. What can I say but this, “the Lord have mercy upon your soul!”

Reader, if you HAVE these marks I have been speaking of…

Be advised, and strive every year to make them more clear and plain. Let your repentance be a growing habit—your faith an increasing faith—your holiness a progressive holiness—your victory over the world a more decided victory—your love to the brethren a more hearty love—your watchfulness over yourself a more jealous watchfulness. Take this advice, and you will never repent of it. This is the way to be useful and happy in your religion. This is the way to put to silence the opposition of the enemies of truth. Let others, if they will, have Regeneration on their tongues, and nowhere else. Let it be your care to have it shining forth in your life, and to feel it in your heart.
~ J.C. Ryle
Regeneration, [Ross-shire, UK: Christian Focus, 2003], 39-42.
> > > From the week long series: “6 Marks of Regeneration” < < <


  1. I believed I was born again, saved. Now I know how wretched I am. God has rejected me, cast me away. Removed His Spirit. :(

    1. How do you know this Craig?

    2. Believing you are born again is much different from being born again. Knowing we are wretched is actually the first step to salvation. While you are there, repent and ask God to forgive you of all sin and then trust that when Jesus Christ died on the cross, He died to pay the penalty for your sin. Once the Holy Spirit is in you, He will NOT leave. Continue to trust Him no matter what your heart or the devil may say. See www.NeedGod.com .

  2. So much of what Ryle touches on is the evidence of one who claims to be in Christ. The NT shows what is seen, and yet many do not consider whether any of that is found in them. Like the Apostle Paul said in 2Cor.13:5, we need to examine ourselves and then prove what we see.


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