Monday, September 28, 2015

Does Your Salvation Motivate You?

“A genuine Gospel-faith has nothing selfish about it – it never makes a man think only of his own salvation. It stirs him up, on the contrary, to concern about the souls of others.
I always suspect that those who care nothing whether their brethren are saved or not, must in reality be ignorant or thoughtless about their own state.”
~ J.C. Ryle

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  1. The true Christian is genuinely concerned about his lost loved ones, his friends, and even the strangers he encounters. Why??? Because hell is a reality, and those who die without Christ go there - into eternal darkness and torment.

    So ..... when I ask you if you know the Lord .... or if you know where you would be today had you died in your sleep last night, please realize that I bring this subject up out of genuine love, care, and concern ..... for YOU.


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