Saturday, May 21, 2016

Approaching Biblical Prophecy With Humility

Let us learn from our Lord’s warning words to pray for a humble, teachable spirit, whenever we open the pages of unfulfilled prophecy.
Here, if anywhere, we need the heart of a little child, and the prayer “open my eyes.” (Psalm 119:18.) Let us beware, on the one side, of that lazy indifference which turns away from all prophetical Scripture, on account of its difficulties. Let us beware, on the other side, of that dogmatical and arrogant spirit, which makes men forget that they are students, and talk as confidently as if they were prophets themselves. Above all, let us read prophetical Scripture with a thorough conviction that the study carries with it a blessing, and that more light may be expected on it every year. The promise remains in full force, “Blessed is he that reads. At the time of the end, the vision shall be unsealed.” (Rev. 13Dan. 12:9.)
~ J.C. Ryle

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