Saturday, June 17, 2017

Being Made Holy by the Spirit

Let this also be written down on the tablet of your memory. No entrance into heaven, without the Spirit first entering your heart upon earth!
No admission into glory in the next life without previous sanctification in this life! No Holy Spirit in you in this world—then no heaven in the world to come! You would not be fit for it! You would not be ready for it! You would not like it! You would not enjoy it! There is much use made in the present day of the word “holy.” Our ears are wearied with “holy church,” and “holy baptism,” and “holy days,” and “holy water,” and” holy services,” and “holy priests.” But one thing is a thousand times more important—and that is, to be made a really holy person by the Spirit. We must be made partakers of the Divine nature, while we are alive. We must “sow to the Spirit,” if we would ever reap life everlasting. (2 Peter 1:4Gal. 6:8)
~ J.C. Ryle

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