Sunday, December 18, 2022

Discovering Your Depravity by J.C. Ryle

Be very sure that self–knowledge is the first step towards heaven. To know God’s unspeakable perfection, and our own immense imperfection, to see our own unspeakable defectiveness and corruption, is the ABC in saving religion.

The more real inward light we have, the more humble and lowly–minded we shall be, and the more we shall understand the value of that despised thing, the gospel of Christ. He that thinks worst of himself and his own doings is perhaps the best Christian before God. Well would it be for many if they would pray, night and day, this simple prayer: “Lord, show me myself.”
~ J.C. Ryle
Holiness: Its Nature, Hindrances, Difficulties, and Roots, “Unsearchable Riches”, [Moscow, ID: Charles Nolan Publishing, 2001], 346.

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